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60KW Microwave drying machine for drying black solider fly

Short Description:

Black water fly contains high quality protein, has high edible and nutritional value, received welcome from consumers, the market share increased year by year.

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Equipment Characteristics

1. The box is made of 1.5mm thick stainless steel plate, strong and durable.

2. Microwave power: 60kw (60 magnetic control tubes; 60 power sources).

3. Prevent the function of false opening and protect the equipment.

4. Power-off protection function during equipment operation.

5. Digital frequency conversion and closed microwave power supply can save energy by 20%.

6. Equipment and electrical appliances with pressure stabilization device, integrated design, and more lasting and stable operation.

7. The equipment structure is reasonable, fast speed, better drying effect, about 10% more uniform and practical compared than that of domestic manufacturers.

8. Teflon conveyor belt, with guide, not deviation, not catch fire.

9. Temperature monitoring system.

10. Safety standards for equipment, mechanical and electrical appliances, microwave leakage standards shall be implemented in strict accordance with the national standards, and all have European Union CE and ISO certification certificates.

11. The observation window is equipped with screen network and contact switch. If the box door is opened, the microwave power supply is automatically cut off.

12. The machine sets the alarm. If the observation window is not closed well, it will alarm.

13. Ambient temperature -10-40℃, Relative humidity of 80%.

14. Workshop environment, No corrosive gas, conductive dust and explosive gas around.

Detail information of equipment

Size 49700*1800*2300mm
Application Drying black solider fly
Type Water cooling
Power 60KW
Capacity 300kg/h
Microwave box L1150mm
Qty. Of box 8 pcs
Conveyor belt width 1200mm
Operating system PLC
Visual system Visual screen
Magnetron 60 pcs
Oil immersion power supply 60 pcs
Motor power 2.2KW
Wet exhaust and heat fan 1.5KW* and 80W*3
Length of front and rear  
Suppressors 1200mm
Cold water tower 1 set
Weight About 3 tons
60KW Microwave drying machine for drying black solider fly (1)
60KW Microwave drying machine for drying black solider fly (2)
60KW Microwave drying machine for drying black solider fly (3)

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