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Shandong Dongxuya Machinery Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specialized in producing extruder machine and microwave machine.

Main products of our company: microwave drying and sterilizing machine, heat pump drying machine, puffed snack food machine, pet food machine, fish feed machine, cornflakes production line, fortified rice machine, nutritional powder production line, soybean protein extruder, modified starch extruder, etc.



Since the establishment of our company, we inherit the enterprise tenet of “pursuit of excellence”: the management principle of "mutual development" with the customer...

Our puffed food production line is packed and delivered today. This production line was ordered by one of our old Indian custom...
Maintenance of microwave drying machine
In fact, when we are dealing with a thing or a device, we have to maintain it. This will also provide a good protection for the...