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Common sense of microwave machine maintenance

Microwave machine is easy to maintain.

1. Magnetron and Power supply.

Magnetrons and power supplies are the key electronics in the microwave machines.

Magnetrons life is about 10000 hours, the effect of the magnetron will decrease but not disappear, so if you run the magnetrons for 10000 hours, the machine can still work, just the capacity will decrease. So, If you want to keep the highest capacity, you should change magnetrons in time.

Power supplies life is about 100000 hours, usually they do not need to change, if there is something wrong, you can maintain and their effect will be as same as new ones.

2. Electronics and Circuits.

We suggest you to check the circuits and confirm there is no loose for wires connection monthly. And, use vacuum cleaner or compressor to make sure there is no dust on magnetrons and power supplies.

3. Transmission Syestem.

The conveyor belt should be cleaned according to your products conditions.

The transmission motor oil should be changed half a year.

4. Cooling System.

Check and confirm that there is no leak in the water circulation pipes weekly.

If the temeperayure is lower than 0℃, the cooling tower should be added with antifreeze in time to prevent the water pipe from cracking.

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Post time: Feb-07-2023